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"The work that you have to put forward may not be so comfortable but you are sure to benefit from such a powerful transformation." - Yogi Wes

Yoga Wellness

Breath + Meditation + Yoga

YogaLux online self care offerings were created by Yogi Wes to inspire and teach women of color how to connect yoga wellness to a successful lifestyle. 


The primary goal of each program is to help you feel confident, strong, steady where your mindbody are flexible and open using self-care in easy steps.

YogaLux self care programs are curated to help you find a deeper mind-body awareness and clear direction to manifest attraction for good energy which translates into your personal and professional lifestyle.

I guarantee YogaLux self care solutions are the blueprint that you need to mitigate the conditions of stress, anxiety and panic attacks.


Boss Lady!! 

My programs are guaranteed to transform your life and get you on track.

WES HS.jpg

Wes Lopez "aka" Yogi Wes is the founder of Yoga Train, 

created YogaLux virtual self care programs to educate women of color about the benefits of yoga wellness during the 2020 pandemic.

Wes Lopez

Heyyy! It's me Yogi Wes an entrepreneur and yogi since I can remember however, my conscious connection began in 2008.


I am the founder of Key West Yoga Train, a health-wellness service and partner with popular lifestyle brands, leisure and entertainment groups to deliver distinct experiences to wellness-focused clients inclusive of the desire for self-discovery and personalization.

My personal and professional life experience has led me to this platform to share and inspire others with over 10 years of business, fitness and wellness experience. 


YogaLux was created by my vision to provide wellness strategies to help other women find the balance in their lifestyle necessary to mitigate the effects of anxiety, stress and panic attacks.

I love being aligned with my purpose in life as a passionate yoga wellness ambassador that curates yoga experiences with purpose one breath at a time.


Self Care

Inspired by the 2020 Pandemic

My online wellness programs are more important now than ever to help mitigate the effects of anxiety and stress.

It’s time to reclaim your power and step into a place of fulfillment, purpose and get rid of anxiety that keeps you from moving forward.

Yoga Pose


Connect YogaLux Wellness to your Successful Lifestyle Today!!
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