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Are you ready to Transform & Upgrade your Lifestyle?

Stressed Woman

Do you find yourself clueless without direction or a clear plan for your projects and goals combined with feelings of anxiety and sleepless stressed days and nights?

I personally understand exactly how it feels and... I have great news…

I got you!  I have the tools that you need ✨

Get ALL my years of experience and practice, plus all the correct knowledge and the steps to help you mitigate the effects and conditions of stress to manage your emotions.

The details matter. I craft the right experience for you with steps that are made to serve your specific needs from beginning to end.


Is Fear the #1 limiting factor that is keeping you from moving forward?  

There is a world out there with resources, guides & mentors.
Let experience teach you vs. fear stop you ✨

Fear weakens our immune system, can cause heart disease, digestive issues, high blood pressure, and even decrease fertility! It can also limit your brain function which decreases your productivity and can lead to higher levels of anxiety.


Fear can interrupt processes in our brains that allow us to regulate emotions and impacts our thinking and decision-making in negative ways, leaving us susceptible to intense emotions and impulsive reactions.

All of these effects can make you unable to find much-needed clarity to reach your goals.

Imagine if you had the resources, knowledge and focused attention to feel better, look better and operate better.

If you could have a deeper mind-body awareness and clarity to manifest good relationship energy?


A vision to feel comfortable to relax, let your hair down because you are open without so many hang ups, judgement and fear. 

You can connect to others with good energy, transform and move forward.

Yoga and meditation will help you feel confident and strong especially with personal assistance.

Meditation will provide you with clarity & mindset  


Self-care will help you to release blocked energy to transform old behaviors, patterns, thoughts, beliefs and habits.


We don't always realize the physical and emotional damage we do to our bodies. It builds up over time and it's crazy to think it would change overnight.

Wes N Ladies Level.JPG

Maybe you have tried alcohol or self-medicating to calm the crippling side effects of anxiety and stress?  

Maybe you find comfort in masking your fears by cursing & judging people, fighting battles to manage conflicts daily.

Maybe therapy or other exercise regimens which have been additional options for you to avoid underlying layers of anxiety, fear and stress.

The Real Problem…

The real problem is just not investing into yourself and obtaining tools to solve issues that directly keep your lifestyle from progressing personally and professionally.

Maybe you connect buying stock, real estate, luxury cars, handbags, jewelry, shoes and trips to exquisite destinations to a successful lifestyle and have not considered that when you invest in yourself, you gain knowledge.

And another challenge is just not knowing. From generation to generation we get better at honoring ourselves & how to self love. 


Are the material things filling YOU up or just filling your closet?


Are you unhappy with your current position in life and not sure how to go about change?

Maybe you’re not happy with how your body looks? 


Fearful & Overwhelmed with stress because you are not confident in your direction and plans for personal or professional growth? 

Are you feeling misunderstood, frustrated, alone or disconnected from your personal and social relationships

Maybe you said yes to all.

The Solution

YogaLux Wellness is the Relief that you need to reclaim your power and step into a place of fulfillment with purpose to get rid of what’s stopping you from going to that next place or making you feel paralyzed. 

Breath, Clarity and Mindset that will mitigate the effects and conditions of anxiety, stress & panic attacks.


Vision to create freedom with wellness that will not only impact and transform your life but also your family and community.

The truth is that you need to be healthy and that’s 100% and it all starts with your mindset and vision.

Get YogaLux wellness strategies from the comfort of your space that is guaranteed to provide immediate results.

"The work that you have to put forward may not be so comfortable but you are sure to benefit from such a powerful transformation." ~Yogi Wes

Gradient Ocean

Najla S.

I want to say how very grateful I am for YOGA~LUX Wellness. This program has been wonderful and has had such an impact on me, all while transforming my thought process for a greater, more positive experience. Being able to implement these yoga tools into my current lifestyle has been an awakening experience and truly a blessing.

Marsh O.jpg

Marshera O.

I had a great 7 Day YOGA -LUX WELLNESS CHALLENGE. I feel this program will work for me because while doing my 7-Day challenge it helped me with my breathing,  I didn't know how to breathe before, so just learning how to do that was amazing..

la La.JPG

LaSonia G.

I love the amazing things knowledge and facts share! It really helped me to have a deeper awareness and connection to diagnose my anxiety and fear. I am able to now use the proper tools, relax enjoy my family and have peace of mind.

Be Fearless and Reveal the Boss Lady that lives
Deep inside you!

Nubian Queen.jpeg

YogaLux was created to reduce the toxic load from your life and help step into your inner goddess with yoga, meditation, mindfulness to show how you shine, step into your BEST life with grace and ease quickly.


Yoga is an ancient science of health for the physical body and balance for the mind and emotions that provides the foundation for a journey and the destination is


Its not all about yoga pants and yoga poses, it's all about the breath ✨

Level up to step out of your comfort zone and try something that is guaranteed to transform your life. What do you have to lose?

You are going to learn how to overcome fear that is holding you back from your full potential✨

A Boss Lady breathes through fear that causes anxiety and takes care of business✨

Gain clarity to create a path for success✨

Enjoy your life, be confident, unapologetic, manifest good energy from others & belong✨

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