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Beyond The Yoga Poses

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

A lot of yoga teachings these days focus on physical movements (asanas) and breath. While this is important and is still a big part of yoga and definitely part of what I teach – there is so much more to yoga that is rarely spoken about.

The aim of yoga goes deeper than getting you into shape and in the best health of your life. With a good yoga instructor, you should be able to gain control of both your mind and your body. They will be able to help you connect with your inner self, attaining the highest levels of balance and harmony so that all areas of your life begin to prosper. Initially, when yoga began, there was less importance on the physical, and more focus was placed on the spiritual and mental aspects of yoga.

In a continuously body-conscious society, it is easy to see how yoga moved to become what it is today. As a yogi, both as a student and instructor, I have found that by embracing all facets of yoga, is when I have felt its real benefits. In my teachings and training, I seek to help you understand where you are at in life. How able are you to control your biological, physical, and emotional needs? How strong is your mind? How focused are you?

Using an assessment of where an individual is beyond the physical i.e. (mind, emotions, and spirituality), I will be able to structure breathing exercises, postures, and relaxation and concentration techniques. Once you can muster your urges and have control of your states, you will be able to succeed in your asanas.

After six months of training, conduct another self-assessment and find out just how much you’ve been able to overcome. Are you more focused? Are you now in control of your emotions? Are your decision-making skills better? And finally, is your body stronger and more flexible?

Yoga is aimed at increasing your overall energy, if you’re only succeeding in one aspect then maybe you should reconsider how you’re doing your yoga training. Join my webinar coming up soon and discover a world beyond yoga pants and yoga poses. Use your mat for your journey to self-discovery and success in your business and personal life.

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