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CLARITY - Episode 01

How to Transform & Overcome the chronic conditions of trauma; anxiety, fear, self- judgement & sabotage and stress to name a few... and create space to move forward in your life-- Not just "yoga poses".

Welcome to my

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Heeeeyyy!!! It's me Yogi Wes your host and the founder of The Yoga Train, creator of the online YogaLux Wellness programs and ambassador for growing the yoga awareness industry one breath at a time.

Each week you are going to learn through quick tip episodes, guest expert trainings and professional interviews, the prospective insights and strategies you need to align your goals, release blockage from your past and move forward to live your Best life unapologetically.

My programs are designed to assist women and help them to overcome conditions related to systemic trauma and the chronic conditions that persist and were inspired by women of color.

My goal is to help you transform and find clarity from where you stand now, to reveal the deep inner Boss lady inside, to move into a better state of mindful awareness, using yogic principles that directly effect your successful personal and professional lifestyle.

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