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How To Achieve Real Zen

We’ve all heard it before, money (and by extension material possessions) does not buy happiness. I find fault with this saying to an extent because we all enjoy certain comforts, and when we have them we are happier and they do make our lives easier. Psychology shows that there is a correlation between making material purchases and happiness. But where do we draw the line? Are you happy with what you have or are you constantly seeking more?

The pursuit of material wealth and possessions will never make you happy – studies also show this. Someone will always have more and we will always want more. So how do we find happiness within ourselves without the need for material gratification?

A genuine feeling of happiness and contentment is what we should all be after. How do we find this contentment? Wealth doesn’t give it and neither does poverty. Gratitude is the key fundamental to finding happiness within. Often we are caught up in our daily tasks – be it work or school. We are constantly striving for more success that we forget to give thanks for where we are currently in life.

Contentment is easier said than day. It is something that you have to continually work at. Practices such as meditation and yoga will help you center yourself and analysis and adjust what are priorities in your life. You will be able to gain a clear vision of what exactly you need to do and how to go about it.

Yoga teaches us to be in the moment. This helps us understand and appreciate where we are in life and just how far we have come. We are constantly pushed to buy the latest and keep up with trends. But how much of that is for ourselves or are we doing it to keep up. Stay away from any form of media that pushes you to keep up with the “Joneses”. By understanding who we are and what is important in our lives, we do not need to have more than what we need.

This is a tough balance and very few people can achieve this state of Zen. In my upcoming webinar, we will go through how to achieve mental and physical wellness to achieve true success. To learn more about how to do this, sign up for my webinar and/or one of my one-on-one yoga sessions and I will help you achieve your SUCCESS!

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