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How To Cope With World Events

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

This post will be slightly different to what I talk about on this blog every week. This week its more than yoga and it’s about things that are affecting all of us.

The news lately has gotten pretty heavy, to say the least. As we struggle to stay connected with the world, sometimes we want to disappear or you just want certain events to stop. And that’s not an uncommon feeling. Recent conversations with my family and friends have revealed that people aren’t doing so well with the news. They don’t want to tune into social media because they don’t want to hear about something else that has happened.

So how do we cope and maintain our sanity during this time?

Take A Break From The News

Yes, it may sound like you’ll miss out on a lot. But when your levels of anxiety and stress are increased, it would be best to take some time off from the news. Both on social media and mainstream news.

The feeling of powerlessness that watching negative news gives us only exacerbates the situation. Take some time off, breathe, and reconnect with what’s important to you. This will mean that you probably won’t have any idea of what’s going on but your mental health will thank you. You might not be on-trend, but you will be happier and ready to take on your tasks daily.

Start A New Activity

While taking a break, you’ll need to recharge and the best way to do this is by taking part in new activities. Go for a run, a hike, a walk along the beach. Take that road trip you’ve always wanted to go for, sign up for that yoga class, your options are endless!

Take this opportunity to reduce your screen time and connect with your loved ones. Have more one on one conversations. Enjoy and appreciate nature more.

Studies show that reading, exercise, music, and meditation greatly reduces anxiety and meditation. Taking up one of these hobbies will help you in your life overall.

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Focus On What You Can Solve

If you can’t completely cut yourself off from the news, it’s important to discern what you can and cannot solve or help solve. There are a lot of social causes and movements that have cropped up in the last few months. Join a cause that resonates with you and your beliefs. Take part in bringing more positivity in the world.

Part of dealing with anxiety and stress is managing what brings about these feelings. The best way to do that is to actively participate in something you’re passionate about.

Studies show that participating in causes that gives people a sense of purpose and drive, creates a sense of well-being. I believe that having some sort of control is important for your mental peace.

These are just three ways we believe you can cope with the influx of negativity around us. Share with us what you’ve been doing to ease tension and don’t’ forget, when overwhelmed – BREATHE!

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