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The Healing Power Of Breath

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Yoga is such a broad and encompassing field. As mentioned in one of our previous blogs, yoga is more than the physical. One of my key goals as a yogi is teaching people about all facets of yoga, from the spiritual to the mental. A core teaching in all my yoga sessions and my daily life is the power of breath or what we call pranayama.

Pranayama is a teaching practice from ancient yoga masters. Prana can be loosely translated to vital life force or breath. We’re able to conserve our prana through doing pranayama yoga exercises. Doing yoga poses and exercises known as asanas without having deep knowledge of conscious breathing is fruitless.

Breathing is important in connecting our minds to our bodies. It gets rid of any stiffness that may make physical activity harder. It helps us get in tune with our body, understanding it better, and ultimately understanding ourselves better. The in and out breathing motions associated with pranayama acts as a clarifying tool that cleanses our mind of negative and self-limiting thoughts.

Breathing improves our awareness and this has a calming effect on our mental state. Ultimately, we’re able to manage our stress and notice when negative thoughts are breaking in. As negative energy is repelled from our bodies, physical and emotional blockages are destroyed. In short, we start feeling good.

For people who have practiced any form of meditation, then they understand just how important breathing is in the process. Through conscious breathing, we can move our thoughts. We can explore the basis of our thoughts and emotions. Breathing and the mind are connected. Mindfulness and awareness techniques that are currently the wave are all centered on breathing.

Breath also helps alleviate physical pain and soreness associated with exercise and even illnesses. There’s so much to unpack around breath and asana related to it.

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