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The Power Of Yoga And Meditation

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Meditation and yoga are often used together. Yoga is about getting every aspect of your life in harmony. As any good yogi will tell you, yoga is more than just postures and the physical movements around it. Yes, you can effortlessly do the one-handed tree pose but are you happy inside? Are you content with your life and where you’re at at the moment? This is where yoga as a holistic practice comes in.

A qualified yogi will take you through this process. They will help you tap into the healing benefits of yoga. With traditional techniques such as meditation, you’ll gain the ability to calm your mind and channel its power for physical, spiritual, and mental healing.

Meditation is the heart of any good yoga practice. Silent chanting and visualization will center you and give you clarity on your goals. Many people have used meditation to focus on different parts of their body that need healing with positive results.

There are four core benefits of mediation; Arta, Jnanam, Artharta, and Bhakta. Arta is meditation with the intent to reduce suffering, both of our physical body and mental suffering. Jnanam gives us transcendent knowledge. We get insight into ourselves, a flash of knowledge that helps in decision making. Artharta is a powerful spiritual gift that gives us control of our bodies and finally Bhakta. Bhakta is perhaps the most important element of meditation. This is when we’re able to discover who we are, we finally understand our purpose.

In theory, meditation sounds like simple practice but anyone who has tried will tell you how difficult it is to quiet and still your mind – especially in the beginning. Breathing techniques will be an important addition to your practice. Pranayama(breathing techniques) help you quiet your mind and prepare your body for meditation.

What psychology terms as cognitive reframing is what ancient yogis used to help them deal with stressful situations. When a negative thought crosses your mind, quickly think of something calming and peaceful and that will shift your outlook.

After months of practice, you will be able to master meditation and use it in your daily life – whether or not you’re a yogi. Meditation not only calms your mind, but it also helps you focus and refocus on what is necessary. People who actively practice meditation have a clearer perspective on life and what they need to do to meet their goals.

At GetYogaLux, pranayama and meditation are fundamentals we can't do without. Without these, even our physical practice would be nothing.

Sign up for a Complimentary class and let’s help you gain clarity, peace of mind, and discover your purpose!

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