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Vision - Episode 2

A vision to connect affirmations, desires goals, dreams and a success lifestyle.

I feel that it is important to get to know you as a client and what you need before we start rolling around posing and bonding on the mat. 😋

Lol ...

It would be silly of me to assume that I know exactly what you need or what blockage of energy release you need or if you have any injuries or other contraindications before I start practice with you or maybe something that works for me-- may not work for what my client needs. Especially virtually!!

Most yoga fitness feels good and of course anytime we practice yoga there are always great benefits however, in order to have a deeper understanding and connection, to dispel myths, stereotypes and understand why yoga is so highly recommended as relief for a very long list of mental and physical health conditions, you need to learn more.

As a yoga wellness coach I have heard so many disconnected statements in regards to yoga meditation wellness and the benefits of regular practice. I hear a lot of comments such as;

"Yea my doctor told me it would work but how Is yoga really going to help me?"

"I know y-o-g-a... but I like other types of fitness because I like to go fast and hard!!..."I just don't understand the connection for me, wellness or balance ... I go to church..." and "Girl that's for skinny white people."

I could go on and I will get straight to my connection to have a vision, find clarity and use yogic tools on your roadmap for the journey to self-discovery. You may have to dig a lot deeper and get to the ROOT of your symptoms of anxiety, fear, self-judgment, self-sabotage and stress.  

What yoga tools do you need to began to gather and prepare for your practice? 

About Your 7 Chakras

Chakras are vital energy centers responsible for balance at all levels of being.  The understanding of the relationship between the chakras and individual poses is therefore essential for gaining the full benefits of the uses.  Each chakra opens you up to a different dimension of your being.

Levels of Existence

Koshas are the facets or levels of human being. They form a road map for the journey of self-discovery.  This map of being is extremely useful in understanding how Yoga postures work in the context of gaining self-knowledge. We take a deep dive into the different levels and how to connect in #getyogalux wellness programs.

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