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2 Ways Yoga Will Help You Cope During This Pandemic

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

This year has been uhm...interesting, to say the least. A lot of us are overwhelmed and these emotions are taking hold in our daily lives. So how do we navigate these strange times and keep our sanity while at it? You guessed it, yoga!

The benefits of yoga are overwhelming, and I don’t think a short blog post will do it justice. However, I’ll try to give you a few reasons why you need to jump on the Yoga Train.

To Raise Your Awareness

There’s a lot of fear and anxiety of the unknown in this period. Fear, anxiety, and panic are emotions that are perhaps as contagious as COVID-19 itself. Science also shows that parents with anxiety are more than likely to spread anxiety to their children – the same goes for spouses. Mindfulness taught in yoga is a great tool for being aware of our emotions and ultimately being able to control these emotions. The more aware we are of our thoughts and emotions, the better our decision-making processes.

To Improve Immunity

During pandemics and epidemics, whether the flu or COVID-19, we need to find ways to boost our immunity. This could be by improving our diet – which I highly recommend – or by physical activity, including yoga. Yoga practices such as pranayama are all about promoting conscious breathing. This in turn increases the amount of oxygen in our system and ultimately improves our immunity. Mindfulness is another way you can improve your health. Studies have shown that mindfulness techniques, with or without yoga, will lower stress hormones that affect the immune system, boost our lymphatic system’s process of releasing toxins, and improves the flow of oxygen to all our organs.

Stress management and boosting immunity is crucial in keeping diseases at bay. This goes beyond the current pandemic. Several studies have shown the benefits of yoga in managing lifestyle diseases. Doctors even recommend yoga to their patients. As a yogi, I understand the importance of yoga in keeping you fit and managing your emotional and psychological state.

During this time, where a lot of social distancing measures are being adhered to, we must find ways to practice. You could do this by doing short yoga workouts as shown by YouTube yogis, having online sessions with your gurus, or practicing from training and memory. I have weekly webinars where I give you an opportunity to join me and other powerful women in a session to rejuvenate your mental, emotional, psychological, and physical state. We need to take care of ourselves to be the best we can be.

Sign up here and find out all that I have to offer.

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