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Yoga And Women Of Color

In recent years, spirituality in all its forms has gained popularity, especially among women of color. However, yoga has been slow to catch on. Perhaps it’s due to the misleading myths and stereotypes surrounding yoga. No, yoga isn’t only for the blonde and the blue-eyed. No, it’s not reserved for a certain body size. And yoga goes beyond the physical and health benefits that we all know about.

Yoga among women of color is extremely beneficial. Anxiety is the leading psychological challenge facing black women in the country. Rhythmic breathing techniques practiced during yoga will purify and clear your mind. Mindfulness and meditation are important concepts in yoga that will help you clear your mind of negative emotions such as fear and anxiety that could be limiting your potential. With current events putting women of color in fear for their sons, spouses, daughters, and friends, we must find ways to manage our stress. Understanding and managing our emotions makes us powerful. It helps us tackle our challenges head on; we are bolder and stronger in the workplace, and we are better decision-makers in our businesses and families.

Women of color have the highest rates of high blood pressure, stroke, cancer, and heart disease. Learning yoga is a lifestyle change. The physical activity involved in yoga may not seem intense, but it is one of the most recommended forms of exercise by medical practitioners. You’ll also be able to pace yourself as you go along from beginner to advanced. There is no rush when it comes to yoga. It is an enjoyable form of exercise that works out your whole body.

Perhaps my favorite part of yoga is learning non-attachment and to surrender. As women and/or women of color, we are constantly fighting for our space in society, we’re fighting to be heard and seen, and we’re fighting to have control over our bodies. By learning non-attachment, we learn that we are worthy without material things; we learn to stop fighting and holding on to control. When we learn to surrender, we allow joy and bliss into our lives. We gain new perspectives, we are able to enjoy where we are presently and congratulate ourselves on our achievements.

It teaches us gratitude.

Yoga is the most important activity that you could get into. It will shape your life and shift your limiting beliefs. It will help you navigate stressful situations in your life. It will improve your relationship with yourself and ultimately with those around you.

Getting into yoga may seem easy, however, you’ll need someone to guide you. You’ll need to learn to listen to your breath, listen to your body, and listen to your inner body. The Yoga Train wellness programs will take you through the process. You’ll find a community of like-minded individuals who will walk with you on your journey to greatness!

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