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Yoga At Your Fingertips

Recent world events have forced us to reevaluate how we operate and how much we interact. With calls for reduced contact with one another due to the pandemic, there has been an uptake in online yoga programs. However, apart from health reasons, there are several reasons why you need to sign up for an online yoga class.

Control Over Your Own Hours

Many of my yogis are independent women with busy schedules – very similar to my own. With an ever-increasing lifestyle, you might find it difficult to fix a yoga session in between work and/or school. With an online yoga membership, you have access to your yoga instructor wherever you go. You can receive personalized instructions and videos on the move.

You will be able to choose the day, time, and place where to take your session without the additional stress of rushing to a physical studio.

Access To The Best Teachers

Your favorite yogi may live in another state or country, but with online classes, you are able to take their classes. As a yoga instructor, I’ve personally seen interest from many yogis as far out as in Cuba. The world is a global village and thanks to technology, we can connect from anywhere.

Learn At Your Own Pace

Many instructors provide video instructionals. You can learn the Child’s Pose at your own pace without the added pressure of keeping up with other members. You can restart, pause, and start all over again as you wish. I personally offer one-on-one coaching sessions where I can give you personalized attention at your own time.

Technology has changed how we operate. It has made it easier for us to access services, yoga included. All you need is a smartphone, tablet, or computer. You now have fewer excuses as to why you can’t sign up for that class. Schedule a one-on-one session with me to find out about my offerings and how my class can fit into your schedule!

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