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Meditating on the Beach


Discover the power of your breath to relieve stress, ease anxiety and calm your mind.

  • Open yourself up to unlimited ideas and information 

  • Strengthen your intuition and ability to focus

  • Hear your inner voice more clearly

  • Fill yourself with light & love

  • Pour love into yourself

Breathing exercises don’t take much time out of your day.

It is really about setting aside time to pay attention to your breathing. Schedule a discovery session and let me guide you to find your breath.

Women Practicing Yoga Outdoor


Meditation is reported to be a fundamental tool for maintaining and improving mental health by the Harvard Medical School and International Journal of Yoga.

My science-backed breath-meditation technique quickly calms anxiety, releases stress, and boosts immunity.

A real experience of meditation will effortlessly cut the vicious cycle of thoughts leaving your mind less anxious.


Meditation will help you remove deep-rooted blockage of energy, beliefs, patterns, habits, etc. that no longer serve you. 100+ studies conducted on four continents have demonstrated a comprehensive range of life changing benefits that result from practicing mindful breathing and meditation.



Yoga practice through delightful insights both philosophical and practical, will help you to understand how different pose sequences can restore balance and patience in your life.

Cultivate energy between postures, steady serenity and flow into your business or personal lifestyle effortlessly.

Listen to both breath and bodily sensations and align with authentic reception and generosity.

Release your old stories, increase internal space and move skillfully with ease and compassion daily.

Rooted in the ancient power wisdom of posture, breath and meditation YogaLux programs offer you an opportunity to learn how to free your body of old and  unnecessary  patterns, breakthrough to your true personal growth and freedom.

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